BioLactam diagnostic kit is intended for the quantitative determination of “endogenous” and “microbiological” beta-lactamase activity of biological substrates.



V. Semenov, I. Zhyltsou, I. Veramei, T. Dmitrachenko, S. Zen’­kova, V. Skvortsova, S. Semenov


BioLactam diagnostic kit passed through the all steps of state registration by the Center for Expertise and Testing in Health Service which also approved specifications for the manufacturing of this test system (BY 391353648.001-2011). The product is certified by the Ministry of Health Service of Republic Belarus (IM-7.97707).

At present this diagnostic kit is applied in clinical practice of 36 medical institutions of Republic Belarus.

Also, BioLactam diagnostic kit passed through the official approval procedure and now used in medical institutions of Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and countries of European Union.

In 2011, the BioLaktam diagnostic kit was awarded as “Best Innovative Project of Republic Belarus”.

BioLaktam diagnostic kit is characterized by high intra- and inter-experimental reproducibility, as well as high analytical sensitivity. All known types of microplate readers (which are the part of an ordinary equipment of any biochemical laboratory) may work with our diagnostic kit. BioLactam allows to evaluate the level of “endogenous” resistance to the antibiotics of beta-lactam group mediated by the endogenous factors of the organism (what can’t be achieved with the use of the routine microbiological methods of diagnostics). Diagnostic kit may also be used for the determination of the level of beta-lactamases production by different microorganisms, wherein the step of isolation of a pure culture is not mandatory. BioLactam diagnostic kit allows to improve the substantiated choice of antibiotics in treatment of patients with bacterial pathology of respiratory tract, urinary tract, septic disorders and states, neuroinfections, dental and surgical infections.

It may be used in an everyday clinical practice of therapists, pediatricians, infectiologists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, gastroenterologists, neurologists, urologists, nephrologists, oncologists, dentists, and surgeons.

There are no complete analogs of BioLactam diagnostic kit which would allow to determine both microbiological and “endogenous” beta-lactamase activity.

BioLactam diagnostic kit is made to introduce the element of objectivity in prescription of empiric etiotropic therapy. The substantiated prescription of antibiotics in an initial phase of treatment of severe bacterial infections allows to alleviate the course of the diseases, improves the prognosis, and decreases frequency of development of complications, as well as cost of drug therapy in total. The prudent prescription of antibacterial preparations prevents the occurrence or growth of antibiotic resistance in bacterial agents of infectious diseases.