Test system BioLaktam

BioLaktam is a test system for the detection and quantitative estimation of the beta-lactamase activity in biological fluids like blood serum, saliva, cerebrospinal fluid,  urine), in bacterial suspensions.

Test system BioLaktam is used for the optimization of antibacterial therapy in infectious lesions of respiratory tract, gastrointestinal diseases, infections of uro-genital tract, neuroinfections, etc.

It may be useful in practice of therapists, pediatricians, infectiologists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, gastroenterologists, neurologists, urologists, nephrologists, oncologists, dentists and surgeons.

There are no world analogues of BioLactam test system which would enable the doctor to determine and estimate the microbiological and biological beta-lactamase activity.

Beta-lactamase activity is an ability to destroy the beta-lactam bond in the molecules of antibiotics belonging to the beta-lactams group.

Test system BioLaktam is enable to include new impartial element in the meaning of empiric etiotropic therapy. At the initial phase of treatment of serious bacterial infections a reasonable prescription of antibiotics allows to alleviate the disease, improve the prognosis, reduce the incidence of complications and also cut down the cost of medicamental therapy in general. Moreover a reasonable prescription of antibacterial preparations prevents from the appearance and increase of antibiotic resistance in bacteria - agents of infection.

Test-system BioLactam makes possible:

  1. To explain the inefficacy of antibacterial therapy
  2. To change the scheme of treatment
  3. To choose the antibacterial preparation in a reasonable way

The results of use of the test system BioLactam are the following:

  1. Decrease of the complications frequency
  2. Reduction in the treatment duration
  3. Decrease of the frequency of the unreasonable change of antibiotics
  4. To cut down the cost of a therapy
  5. Prevention of the growth of antibiotic resistance of bacteria

Advantages of the BioLactam test-system:

  1. Easy to deploy and use
  2. May be used in any clinical laboratory
  3. The use of test system is associated with the minimal financial and time expenses